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Powder Bath

"We are so glad to have worked with Erin and the team at Stetzer Builders.  Erin came highly recommended, yet exceeded our expectations.  From the initial consultation through our moving in to the house, Erin was in complete control.  We can speak on her behalf with confidence: Erin is talented; passionate about her work and her people; attentive to details; a great communicator; and, blessed with a great team behind and beside her.  She has tremendous professional knowledge and skill, yet one of the things we most loved about working with her is getting to experience her passion for everything in life, including her sub-contractors and her clients.  There's no other way to say it other than that "she cares deeply."  Erin and her team worked hard on our behalf to deliver an exceptional finished product while respecting time and budget considerations.  We loved working with Erin and the team at Stetzer Builders.  Thanks again."     


-Dan & Allison Connally

Memorial Villages New Construction 

"Building a new custom home is an emotional journey filled with decisions, stresses, budgets, and compromises.  It is both exciting and frightening, and it can be overwhelming if you don’t have a trusted advisor for the journey.  Without a doubt, you could have no better guide for the adventure than Erin Stetzer and her team.  Erin was involved in our project from the first drawings with the architect, through permitting, construction and all the way to finish work.  The calm, steady guidance from Erin and her team of professionals and craftsmen made the journey into our new home all worth it.  Erin respected our time and budget and kept us informed about progress and problems through weekly meetings, status emails and texts.  And when we needed help, she provided her expertise to help us make the right decisions along the way.  I’m sure we bothered her with minor things and got emotional about some things on our “dream house”, but none of it seemed to concern Erin.  She is calm through any delays, setbacks, or problems.  And not enough can be said about the attention to quality and detail; it is outstanding.  Erin took care of so many things that I lost count!  Sometimes, I think she cared about things being perfect more than we did!


And somewhere during the journey, we became less of a client and more of a friend.  Erin cares deeply about the quality of house and the happiness of the people who will live there.  In the end, we have a beautiful home that was constructed with sincere care and concern for our needs.  And we are both happy and proud to have a Stetzer home for our family.  Without any doubt or reservation, we would highly recommend using Stetzer Builders for your home project.

-Charles and Pam Jeske
Memorial Villages New Construction

Primary Bath

In March of 2019, Stetzer Builders walked into a nightmare after a “very reputable builder in Houston” was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars and took a year to remodel and add on our master wing of our home.  Only to be left with quality remanence of a tract home at best.  We are not located inside or even just outside the loop in Houston, where they normally work, however, once Erin met with us, saw our situation, she agreed she could make the necessary (rip out most of the inside) remediations to make our dream come to life.  Let me tell you this was not something anyone would want to tackle, but she had her crews come in and they were so respectful of us and knowledgeable, I spent the first two weeks thinking I needed to stand on top of them only to discover, they were very professional, the best in their fields and took my vision to a new level.  Think of going to a fair in the parking lot of a rodeo versus fast pass at Disney World!  Every detail was addressed, explained and agreed upon before moving forward.  They literally had to tear out every piece of wood and start over, but did so with such grace and were very careful to save what they could and always respectful of our money.  They almost felt bad not being able to save items.  Fast forward to today, January 2020, we couldn’t be prouder of the outcome and if not for ongoing litigation, we would proudly show her work.  As a matter of fact, we cannot even find anything to put on a punch list and that is rare!  I urge anyone who wants something spectacular and at the highest quality to run, not walk to Stetzer and get on their schedule.  It will save marriages, friendships and your sanity, this I can promise. 

-Darlene and Steve Steen

Powder Bath
Breakfast Room

I wanted to drop a quick note to tell you how much I enjoyed working with you and your team. From the initial meetings with the architect to finishing the last items on the punchlist, you always exhibited the highest levels of integrity and pride in your craft.

So I would like say, thank you. Thank you for the many candid discussions we had throughout the process… thank you for your attention to detail and commitment to quality… thank you for being transparent and open with respect to project costs… thank you for making this project seem so EASY… and most importantly, thank you for creating a warm, beautiful, comfortable, and functional home for our family.

Our home is not just a place to eat and sleep; rather, it is an extension of our family, a place to enjoy life, a place where friends and family can gather together, and a place of peace.

– Alison Vasquez
Spring Valley Remodel

Hunters Creek Renovation

I have worked with Erin on several jobs, mostly as an interior designer, but also a client.  She is superb at what she does.  I always tell my clients that she ‘under-promises, and over-delivers’, which, in our business, is HUGE.  She is always on-site and available, her work is impeccable, and she is just so great to work with.  She has such an ease about her, but she doesn’t mess around.  She gets it done, and well.

-Carrie Evans

Interior Designer/Memorial Villages Client

Erin and her team were a pleasure to work with in building our dream home. Erin’s network of sub-contractors combined with her project management capabilities allowed us to meet deadlines and stay on budget.

As with any project, communication is the key to setting and meeting expectations and Erin excels in this area. Through daily on-site meetings to status emails to quick text messages, Erin kept us apprised of the current state of the project and upcoming decisions to be made.

We would not hesitate to use the SBI team again and whole-heartedly recommend Erin to anyone considering a residential construction project.


– Ginny & Tyler Langenkamp
Memorial Villages New Construction

We are very pleased that we chose to work with Erin and her team to build our home! Starting from our initial consultation and through final build stages, Erin and her design team worked very hands on and diligently to make certain our building process resulted in the home we envisioned.

In addition to building a wonderful home we love, Erin was very conscientious of our budget and committed to ensuring we got the best quality for our investment.

Overall, we can honestly say the entire building experience was a very positive one!


– Josh & Nisha Patterson
Memorial Villages New Construction

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