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Work, but make it fun!

See the guy in the blue mask? That's Doro. He’s a master when it comes to woodwork of all kinds. Installing hardwood floors, custom reclaimed wood doors, kitchen islands – you name it and Doro will work with you to make it happen. But he’s also masterful at doing what it takes to get the job done right while making certain everyone around him feels great as they’re doing it. And truly, that second skill can be just as important when it comes to his value as a teammate.

Here’s Doro listening to a request from one of our clients via FaceTime. The requests ranged from making a custom door to installing mirrored hardware and placing a lock on their master bedroom door. His generous nature and cheerful confidence led to the client’s next words being, ‘Erin, I love this guy!”

What could be better than hearing that?!


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