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When the door doesn't close

No build is without human and supply challenges. These are expected and we’re always doing our best to plan for unexpected little surprises. In this particular project, that surprise came in the shape of a door. We’re meticulous – we measured the opening but something went wrong and the door we received didn’t fit.

The homeowner was disappointed and anxious. How did this happen? What will we do to fix it? We measured again but quickly realized that repeating the same steps without changing the lineup would likely yield another ill-fitting door.

So, what next? We huddled up and decided that the only way to ensure we capture the measurements our supplier needs is to ask them precisely how to get the job done. Then we connected everyone in the process by bringing in a new installer specifically recommended by the supplier to take the necessary measurements.

Lo and behold, the new door came in and it fits and our client was thrilled!

Nobody enjoys sharing stories that highlight when a mistake has been made but I’m sharing this with you anyway because those choppy waters taught us far more than smooth sailing ever could. It’s a reminder that no matter the size or budget, we walk away from each project having learned something valuable and those lessons are worth celebrating. They’re an essential part of the process and the reason you turn to an experienced builder when you want the job done right. We’ve made the mistakes and we’ve figured out how to fix and avoid them.

This was a lesson in accountability and perseverance that will help us steer clear of any ‘door drama’ in the future. Have you built or renovated a home? What lessons did you learn?

Architect: Suyama Peterson Deguchi

Photography: Divya Pande

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