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Third time's the charm

When it comes to home building, repetition is frequent. Whether it’s the repetition of windows, the spacing of studs in framing, or the application of tiles, when we find a good thing, we repeat it.

This is a practice I like to use with my team as well. I recently found a few of them studying blueprints and my first comment was, “You guys look like you’re searching for something.” Next, “Can I help?” I like to acknowledge my team’s efforts – I see what you are doing – and then see how I can be of service. It’s a formula I must repeat a million times on a build. But it works, so I’m sticking with it.

In the same way, I always ask this question three times when we’re walking a site: Any problems?

The first time, I may not get a solid response, but usually by the third ask, we’ve addressed something that needed attention. The vast majority of the time it’s something minor, but the formula allows us to catch things before they become bigger issues.

Architect: Stern & Bucek Architects

Photography: Kerry Kirk Photo


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