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Perfection in the Pause

We framed out the first floor of a home we’re working on and layered on the subfloor for the second story. Then we hit pause. Weather is unpredictable in Houston and we know it could rain any time between now and when the second floor is fully sheltered. This purposeful pause allowed us to treat the subfloor like an outdoor deck, sealing it against the elements. Going that extra mile ensures the subfloor is protected so our clients don’t run into issues in the future.

On another project, we hit the brakes to make a mock up of a mantel for our clients. After seeing it, they decided on the spot to increase the firebox by 9”. In the end, knowing when to pause and plan saved lots of time and money.

Construction is a fine balance of timelines and completion goals, but sometimes if you look closely, you’ll see there’s perfection in the pause.


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