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Jumping Right In

We all bring our lived experiences to the table, no matter our calling. Growing up, I was an athlete and I ended up being one of 0.9% of all girls playing high school basketball that would go on to compete at the Division I level. So, what does that have to do with my calling? Quite a bit, actually. When I signed that commitment letter to Fairfield University, I was committing to an experience that would shape my approach to so much more than basketball.

I met my team and our shared perspective became – this has to work, no matter what. We jumped right in: 5 am wakeup calls, morning workouts, classes, practice, dinner, and then straight to mandatory study hall. Rinse and repeat for four years. During that time, we learned how to be an effective team. We worked together, anticipated one another’s needs, and navigated challenges together as one.

Twenty years later, those teammates are still an important part of my life. We communicate daily and those shared experiences taught me so much about what it takes to build a solid team. As a builder, it’s essential that I surround myself with collaborators, craftsmen, and artisans who share my passion and dedication to excellence. Together, we continue to jump right in, making it work no matter what.


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