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Do the dishes

Remember dinner parties? I know, it’s been awhile, but we’ve all experienced that moment in the evening when dinner is over and everyone’s trying to figure out what to do next.

As with anything in life, you’ve got some choices and they generally revolve around jumping into action or sitting down to watch others make it happen. Do you help with the dishes? Socialize? Lounge and observe?

No matter what you choose, waiting around in limbo is wasteful and it’s much the same way when it comes to building a home. Whether you’re enjoying dinner with friends or you’re meeting with your team on a job site, there’s never a reason for idle hands.

You could offer someone your full attention (at the dinner table or over a set of architectural plans) or put your head down and tackle the task at hand (doing those dishes or leaning into the excruciating details that come with building a home). There’s always something you can do to be of service or some way to make yourself more present.

On that note, the topic of service feels pretty appropriate after what our home state experienced in the wake of winter storm Uri last week. It was impressive to watch so many people, from across the nation, come together to help those in need. From sharing food and water supplies to opening up our homes to friends and family, those moments are a reminder to us all that action is a source of much strength and resilience.

Here’s my challenge for you: Pick one thing, large or small, you WILL do to be of service today. Write it down. Cross it out once completed and then write down another...and another. If you’re feeling bold, inspire others by dropping us a note below with what you chose to do!

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