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Damage Control

Everyone knows the best offense is a great defense! As a project nears completion, we shift our focus from executing tasks and jumping construction hurdles to protecting all of the hard work already in place. When time and budget are of the essence, preventing damages is the top priority.

It’s called protecting your product (or damage control) and it’s an important phase of any home construction project. You don’t don your most treasured clothing and step out into a rainstorm without an umbrella or raincoat. Your home is most often your largest investment – your most treasured space, and something that you (and we) have worked hard to perfect. When we put the finishing touches on paint, we make sure to cover the beautiful woodwork that our craftsmen have painstakingly created. When the flooring is laid, whether tile or wood or anything else, we are sure to cover it and protect it. Our job isn’t over until we hand our client the keys and preserving the work of each artisan involved throughout the construction process is essential. It’s tedious and time-consuming but the work we see every day is beauty well worth preserving.


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